Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheryl and DeAnn-

Home Sweet Home

Taylor and I's apartment is definitely not something to brag about, but it has been a nice home for the past two years.  I remember apartment hunting when Taylor and I were first engaged and becoming completely overwhelmed by all the apartment possibilities. I had just said "Yes" and chosen to marry a man forever. Why could I not make a short term contract to an apartment?

I am and Interior Designer and my surrounding probably affect me more than most. I knew this going into our apartment search and knew that an apartment was not something I wanted to skimp on. If I was living in this place for 2 months or 2 years it needed to be perfect.  The first few apartments we looked at were nice and spacious, clean and friendly but when it came down to the monthly payments they were WAY out of our budget.  

It was time to break down my ideals and start coming to terms with reality.

At this time my job was taking care of a quadriplegic man, Bob, full time.  Bob does his home teaching EVERY month.  As his aides we would go with him home teaching to load and unload him from the car and get him situated in the house.  Bob cannot speak and uses a series of eye and mouth signals to spell out words to us, because of this the aides do a lot of the talking and get to know the families very well.  As I was going through all this apartment drama it came time to home teach with bob. At one of the homes the family asked me if I had a place to live when I got married, it turned out they owned lots of property around Logan and would love to have me look at some to live in. 

I thought about this over the next day or two when Taylor called and said he had seen a RENT sign on some apartments he thought we should consider, sure enough when I called the number Taylor gave me it was the family that I home taught with Bob.  I took this as a good sign and had a much more open mind when viewing the apartment.

There have definitely been some ups and downs here, the apartment is old and small but we have so many good memories here.  It will always be fun to look back on this apartment as the place where Taylor and I started our lives together.

I can't mention these apartments without mentioning our neighbors Cheryl and DeAnn, they are two older ladies who live next to us.  We call them "the grandma's", but not to their faces.  They have lived here for the past 25 years together and are a complete hoot.  If anything is going on they are the first to know about it.  When we first moved in it was hard to not get annoyed at how nosey they were, if our door was open they would invite themselves in, and if Taylor so much as touched his djembe they were over here in flash to join the jam session.  But as time has gone on I have learned to look past the shadow in the window watching me and really enjoy them.  They are so unique and they will definitely be missed when Taylor and I move.

Each week I am going to try and include a Cheryl and DeAnn story.  Because they are just too good to go unshared.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. For like the first week after you guys moved I would see the lights on in your old apartment and get super excited... then I realized it wasn't you guys! So sad!