Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deathcab for Cutie

 Taylor, Jessie and I went to the Deathcab for Cutie concert on Monday.  I could not believe how amazing it was! The only bad part was I forgot to get a picture with Taylor. Please take notice that we were on the SECOND ROW!  The only thing between Deathcab and me was that massive poofy hair in front of me.  Concerts have never been kind to the 5'3" people.
Frightened Rabbit, a band from Scotland opened for them.  I hadn't heard a lot of their stuff before the concert but I was impressed.

We are ten feet away from Ben Gibbard!  

I couldn't help but go back to when I was 16 and I would listen to their "Plans" CD nonstop.  This concert changed Taylor's life, that night he laid in bed and listened to their music over and over. Music is amazing.

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