Thursday, September 22, 2011

Transactions That Make Us Happy

Parking ticket.... REVOKED!  It is rare that the ridiculous Logan Parking Authority will admit to being wrong in giving parking tickets, but Taylor's smooth appeal letter (and the obvious fact that we weren't parked wrong) won the battle this time. 

Getting the parking ticket revoked saved us $15, but check out these savings!  I like this transaction for multiple reasons.
 #1-  total savings: $938.00
#2- I finally used a coupon and it saved me $62.00
The only bad thing about this transaction is that it ended in a night of me hemming pants.  The curse of being 5'3", all pants are at least 5" too long.


So the other night we were sitting on the couch talking with Amanda and Colby, when suddenly this spider crawls over Amanda's shoulder!  Yes... this thing was living in our sectional!  Oh my heck we freaked out, Amanda and I, in one step, bounded across the ottoman and into the kitchen.  The craziest part was that the spider just stayed on the pillow and posed for this picture.  If you ask me, this spider was far too comfortable in this situation.  
That night I dreamt of spiders.  They were under my pillow, in my shoes, crawling out of my clothing pockets and nesting in my hair.  It was horrible. 
It was our little welcome into the Halloween season I guess. eeeek!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recent Project

My inspiration.

When I told Taylor I wanted to make new doors for the TV cabinet he was less than thrilled.  Maybe it is the mound of fabric on that table that needs to be sewn into pillows or the unfinished painting propped up in the hallway, most likely it is the spare bedroom that is filled to the top with my creative ideas.

Taylor worked late the day after I told him I wanted to do this, so I snuck over to Home Depot and got my supplies.

I finished this in just one day!  It was super easy and makes the space look much cleaner!  I hated all our dvd's being visible to everyone who came over so this was the perfect fix.

BEFORE                                              AFTER

 Picking the paint color and drilling the holes.  I felt like such a handy woman, the holes are definitely less than perfect.

Roomba helped clean up the mess

My little helper- This was our paint run right before Home Depot closed.  I love those late night trips to the store.

 We had the door open to air out the apartment and little bugs kept landing on the wet paint.  I am not going to lie, these doors probably have a bug or two painted in them.  It adds character right?

Finished project!  Yay!  I am planning on getting some different hardware, but I want it to be some fun vintage find so it will have to wait.  

I am pleased with the results and Taylor is even more pleased that it is finished and off the living room floor! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Days of Peach

Peach Days was this weekend, of course you already know that, it is only the biggest city festival this side of the Mississippi!  Literally, it boasts being the second longest running city festival in the states. Friday night we went down after Taylor and I got off work and made homemade peach cobbler (yum!) with Dan, Mckell and Derrick, good ole' Derrick.  

 Is there anything better than sitting around a campfire and talking?
Saturday morning we went to the Parade with Taylor's parents and Tayden and Devon.  I love the picture above because the sun was blinding the poor boys and they couldn't look at the camera.  But at least they had their slurpee's compliments of Netta!

 I would say we had the best seats in the house.  Check out our view!  Tayden and Devon were so adorable the whole parade.  Parades are just so much more fun when there are kids there to enjoy it with.
 Kara was on the mini-cheer camp float, she was so adorable clapping and doing the cheers!  She is the one holding her arm up in the top middle.  We love her!
Suffice it to say, like always, Wrangler had some free advertising throughout the parade.

Dan the man was on the USU float playing his djembes. 
Check out Devon's little gun and Tayden's muscles!  Go Army!

 I LOVE Cotton Candy, Taylor never lets me buy it, but I guess since it was Peach Days he made an exception.
Cobbler and CC. Perfection.  

Kristen and Jaron next to the cutest lemonade stand ever.  Too bad the man inside was a little "sour".

Finally I will leave you with this video, I guess this speaks for itself.  The booths at Peach Days are epic.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

"Plank" you very much!

Let the planking begin!  

Check out Kristen's (second person from the front) calf muscles!  Shala's (front) calf muscles were apparently too large to hold up.  I love Abbey and Kara in this picture as well. 

I didn't feel like photo-shopping Jaron out, sorry Adam!  Also, this was right before Kyle completely face planted in the ground, it was amazing!

Shala and my mom had to do it again because their "legs weren't straight enough" the first time.

Taylor believes minuscule planks are the best.  "It takes a real athlete to plank something small."

(doesn't count!)

Oh planking....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was so busy but so fun! Randy and Netta had a campground up Logan canyon all weekend and we went up Friday night and had s'more's (of course) and dinner with them.  Andrea and Dallas were up also with their adorable son Joshua, he looks so grown up in these pictures!

Day 2-

 On Saturday, Tayden (our nephew) got baptized.  It was so fun to be there with all of Taylors family and to see how cute Tayden was about everything.  When he came out of the water his eyes were huge, it was hilarious.  Afterward we went back over to Taylors parents house and had a luncheon.  I wish we would have gotten pictures, we were just having too much fun.

We spent the night there at Randy and Netta's, they usually go to bed early so Taylor and I were just cuddling on the couch when I remembered that they get HGTV.  Yup,  I was up until 2 a.m. watching those addicting shows, mostly I get a kick out of them.  It is good thing that Taylor and I don't get that channel.

Day 3-

Sunday we celebrated my mom's 42 birthday for the 6th year in a row.  Jaron and Shala gave me the idea to make the cake supermom, after all, it is only fitting.  Shala and Adam and the kids were there and I wish we could have stayed longer!  It was so fun to see all of them.  We love you mom!

That night we went back up to Logan Canyon where Randy, Netta, Nathan, Adam,Tia and kids were all there camping.  Randy and Netta made us up a bed in their RV which was awesome.  Nathan, Randy and Taylor lulled us to sleep with their snoring ensemble.

Labor day is so bitter-sweet.  Goodbye summer. Hello fall!