Friday, September 2, 2011

bringing work home with me

Things I need to do today.
 1.  Get ingredients and make salad for my nephew's baptism tomorrow
2. Get food for camping with Taylor's family tonight
3. Decide on a theme and make my mom's birthday cake before the party on Sunday.
4.  Clean, clean, clean the house
5. Go to Sam's Club with Kyle and buy a microwave

And the list goes on and on. You'll notice that blogging is not on my list!  But I can't stop thinking about work.  All day I was looking for a chair for one of our clients basements, we are going with a european rocker modern theme.  It is a fun room!  Andrew Martin is where we are drawing our inspiration from, he is the designer of all the things pictured below.  I am loving it and loving looking and thinking about it!  I mean a Beatles sofa, come on, how can you go wrong?  

Sadly I have to tear my eyes away from this carnival and start working  

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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