Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Days of Peach

Peach Days was this weekend, of course you already know that, it is only the biggest city festival this side of the Mississippi!  Literally, it boasts being the second longest running city festival in the states. Friday night we went down after Taylor and I got off work and made homemade peach cobbler (yum!) with Dan, Mckell and Derrick, good ole' Derrick.  

 Is there anything better than sitting around a campfire and talking?
Saturday morning we went to the Parade with Taylor's parents and Tayden and Devon.  I love the picture above because the sun was blinding the poor boys and they couldn't look at the camera.  But at least they had their slurpee's compliments of Netta!

 I would say we had the best seats in the house.  Check out our view!  Tayden and Devon were so adorable the whole parade.  Parades are just so much more fun when there are kids there to enjoy it with.
 Kara was on the mini-cheer camp float, she was so adorable clapping and doing the cheers!  She is the one holding her arm up in the top middle.  We love her!
Suffice it to say, like always, Wrangler had some free advertising throughout the parade.

Dan the man was on the USU float playing his djembes. 
Check out Devon's little gun and Tayden's muscles!  Go Army!

 I LOVE Cotton Candy, Taylor never lets me buy it, but I guess since it was Peach Days he made an exception.
Cobbler and CC. Perfection.  

Kristen and Jaron next to the cutest lemonade stand ever.  Too bad the man inside was a little "sour".

Finally I will leave you with this video, I guess this speaks for itself.  The booths at Peach Days are epic.  


  1. That video is so so funny and cute. And all your write ups are adorable,. . .love the way you word things girl.

  2. It is such a funny machine! I was jiggling all over the place, you can hear the lady in the background say.. "look at that girls.... bum!" haha