Friday, September 9, 2011

"Plank" you very much!

Let the planking begin!  

Check out Kristen's (second person from the front) calf muscles!  Shala's (front) calf muscles were apparently too large to hold up.  I love Abbey and Kara in this picture as well. 

I didn't feel like photo-shopping Jaron out, sorry Adam!  Also, this was right before Kyle completely face planted in the ground, it was amazing!

Shala and my mom had to do it again because their "legs weren't straight enough" the first time.

Taylor believes minuscule planks are the best.  "It takes a real athlete to plank something small."

(doesn't count!)

Oh planking....


  1. ohh planking. We sadly haven't planked at all since leaving you... its just not the same.

  2. Our camera got the shot of kyle's face plant

  3. You mean to tell me you have planked NOTHING in Enid? You got to get on that courtney! Mom you should send me that picture!

  4. I love this post. Hilarious! I also cried a little looking at that backyard. so many great mems! ps Shala's got quite the bootay!!!

  5. Those last few pictures of Taylor are killing me! I wish I could "like" this post :)