Thursday, September 22, 2011

Transactions That Make Us Happy

Parking ticket.... REVOKED!  It is rare that the ridiculous Logan Parking Authority will admit to being wrong in giving parking tickets, but Taylor's smooth appeal letter (and the obvious fact that we weren't parked wrong) won the battle this time. 

Getting the parking ticket revoked saved us $15, but check out these savings!  I like this transaction for multiple reasons.
 #1-  total savings: $938.00
#2- I finally used a coupon and it saved me $62.00
The only bad thing about this transaction is that it ended in a night of me hemming pants.  The curse of being 5'3", all pants are at least 5" too long.


So the other night we were sitting on the couch talking with Amanda and Colby, when suddenly this spider crawls over Amanda's shoulder!  Yes... this thing was living in our sectional!  Oh my heck we freaked out, Amanda and I, in one step, bounded across the ottoman and into the kitchen.  The craziest part was that the spider just stayed on the pillow and posed for this picture.  If you ask me, this spider was far too comfortable in this situation.  
That night I dreamt of spiders.  They were under my pillow, in my shoes, crawling out of my clothing pockets and nesting in my hair.  It was horrible. 
It was our little welcome into the Halloween season I guess. eeeek!

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