Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amy zing Weeee ken duh

Well last week was my birthday and as usual I got spoiled! I was having too much fun and forgot to take pictures.  So this will be wordy folks!


Courtney Kearns came and visited us! Courtney and Jake Kearns are some of the most fun people we have ever met!  Sadly we didn't start hanging out with them until 3 months before they moved to Oklahoma.  Those 3 months were completely awesome.  This couple is absolutely amazing.  Hopefully one day we will all live in the same town again, until then we get visits and we love it!

Later that night we skipped on over to Amanda and Colby's and scared Colby's little brother with the Gorilla suit (it never gets old)!  We found out that they were doing the longest kissing chain world record up on campus that night so we decided to run up there in the suit and have some fun. Yup... I kissed a gorilla (Taylor) on the large "A" podium.  It was awesome. Taylor and I are officially true Aggies! Colby's bro also wore the suit around and had the best night of his teenage life.


I got to go shopping all day, Taylor bought me some killer boots at Nordstrom Rack and my mom and dad bought me two skirts and a shirt at Anthropologie! So.. Taylor and my mom and dad actually didn't go shopping with me. Me picking out what they got me was a little gift to them.

Later that night I met my Mom, Shala and Kristen in Salt lake and we went to the General Relief Society Broadcast.  This was one of the most fun times I have had in awhile. As my mom would say it was "A little piece of heaven."  Just being there with my mom and sisters was amazing.  After the session they took me to P.F. Changs for my birthday dinner.  We probably had everyone in the restaurant staring at us because of how animated we all were and how we were talking a mile a minute the WHOLE time we were there.  It was so much fun, I can't even explain it.  I guess unless you were there you don't quite catch how special this night was.  But it was pure happiness. I love my family and am so glad we got to spend that time together.

I got home late that night and was thrilled to find out Taylor changed the brakes on our car all by himself!  That's right, my wonderful Dad didn't have to bail us out of this car problem. Although Taylor wouldn't have had the confidence to undertake this task if it weren't for my pop.


I got put into the Young Woman Presidency as the second counselor.  Overwhelming... Aren't I still a Young Woman??  Taylor also got a new calling as the ward website and program coordinating, he is killing it as always.  We were both super relieved to get released from the primary, one more week in a nursery class and I don't know if we would have ever wanted kids!

Sunday night we went over to my parents house for a party with my siblings and Taylor's parents. It was so much fun!  Everyone was so generous with their gifts and compliments (thanks to mom :) ). I feel like I have the best family in the world.  Kara and my mom made me these Cakes.  Kara did the decorating and I loved it.  She is so amazing.


After a weekend of celebrating my Birthday I couldn't believe that today was my real date of birth.

I walked into work to find a large pan of S'more's cupcakes on my desk. Jessie, the girl I work with, had made them for me for my Birthday.  They were so delicious... I ate THREE of them before noon.  yikes! That night Taylor brought me home an adorable cake and some carmel apple suckers. (yeah he completely knows me)

Thank you everyone for the best weekend, I hope you enjoyed this short memoir.


  1. Oh how I love this whole write up. You are truly amazing and wonderful Shauna. September 26, 1987 was a very lucky day for our family.

  2. love love love. can't believe you guys went out and had so much fun after I left. you crazy kids...

  3. BAHAHAHA Shauna you and taylor are sooo cute!!! I love the dipped kiss! Courtney Kearns is pretty cool too!!! Glad your birthday week was soo much fun!