Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spoooktacular Weekend

What a great weekend.  Taylor started it off with a bang by setting up more of his Halloween decorations.  He even had a little photoshoot with the figurines so he could have Halloween backgrounds for his phone.  Adorable.

 Kristen and Jaron came over Friday night and we carved our first pumpkins of the season!  It was a blast, we know the pumpkins won't last till Halloween, which is great because we get to do it again!

We don't have a finished picture of K and J's pumpkins, but Jaron carved a moon and a star (it was a lot more intricate than it sounds) and Kristen carved an awesome face.  

Candid shot. 

Taylor carved Oogie Boogie man and I TRIED to carve a window, with a bat and bushes beneath it and tree growing around the side... yeah,  I was WAY too ambitious and definitely not talented or patient enough to get the job done right. 
Side shot of my pumpkin.
Taytay's masterpiece.

Saturday we went to the corn maze with Amanda and Colby and their whole gang!  Colby's brother Tanner was there and Amanda's sister, Christine and her cousin, Emily.  Beach and his wife and his wife's friend also came.  The corn maze was a slight let down, it wasn't scary enough!  But the after party was off the hook.  We played night games and kept our entire apartment complex up partying with us.  

Sunday we went to Dallas and Andrea's in Preston and got to see their adorable baby Joshua.  He has grown SO much.  Andrea made us a delicious dinner and we loved playing games with them.  I wish they still lived right around the corner from us.

Good news! Today our faux fox fur came so we can start working on our costumes. If anything, our Halloween costumes this year will be a good experience, we have had so much fun pouring over the internet trying to scrounge up supplies.  After all this work we are going to have to be foxes every year from now on!


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  2. hey lovely! Wow I had no idea how much T Bags loved Nightmare Before Christmas... great pumpkins though. Can't wait to see your costumes.

  3. These pictures and journaling were so fun to read! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us :) We love seeing and reading :) Love, G & G Stewart

  4. After seeing your pumpkin carving skills I'm pretty excited to see your costume making skills!!! You guys are so creative! Happy early Halloween!!

  5. Taylor definitely loves Nightmare Before Christmas, Oct. 1 we always watch it to kick off Halloween season! I hope that our costumes work out; now there is all this pressure. Don't laugh if they look ridiculous!

  6. Such fabulous weekend! Good to see such cute pictures of you and Taylor and also Kristen and Jaron. What awesome couples. Pumpkins were inspiring!! love ya, mom

  7. G & G Stewart, I am glad you are reading our blog! It is such a good way to keep everyone updated. Thanks mom!

  8. I'm loving the pumpkins and the pics of my beautiful sisters!

  9. Pretty sure we need to play Ghost in the Grave Yard really soon... maybe somewhere with more Hiding spots