Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello everyone!  I hope your holiday was a great as ours!  What's that?  It has been a week since Thanksgiving and I am just blogging about it? Yeah, I am cool like that.

We spent Thanksgiving up at my aunt's house in Rexburg (see small collage below). We enjoyed spending time with everyone and filling our bellies with delicious food!  I love the holidays.

My contributions to thanksgiving this year.  Relish tray and Chocolate Cherry Pie.  Delicious!

Kyle was debating on sleeping up on this ledge at my aunts house.  My gramps got out the tape measure and showed him how far he would drop if he rolled over in his sleep, he also measured how high he would probably bounce.  It was such a funny scene. 

I could devote a whole blog post to this, and probably will in the future, my grandpa makes these bird cages out of scraps from his many collections.  They are so unique and awesome!  I was glad Taylor snapped a picture of this one at my aunts.

Kyle and Taylor being men and changing some brakes.

Cyber Monday was awesome.  I don't know if people know this or not, but I have a slight obsession with online shopping.  It is my favorite.  I already bought a dress and shirt from Tulle on their pre-black friday sale and a new pair of winter shoes at UO.  Taylor wraps up everything I buy this month and puts it under the tree.  The lucky boy never has to do any Christmas shopping for me.

Is everyone already decking their halls?  I haven't even begun, too much to do in too little time! Taylor is dying for me to finish sewing my adult onesie pjs,  he has given me  a tentative date that I must have them completed by.  Last year I made him some dinosaur footed pjs and he wants us to be matching for the holidays.  I guess I have my sewing projects for the month of December.  I am leaving for Denver at the end of this week for a work retreat.  Nothing better than getting paid to play!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Para Para Paradise

Tonight Taylor and I decided to winterize our shoes!  I sprayed the protector and he polished them up while we listened to Coldplay.  A little piece of para para paradise.
One done, my boots obviously needed a little TLC.

Mylo Xyloto- easily becoming my favorite Coldplay album.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy 24th Taylor!

Drum cake for my drummer

I make a complete mess when I cook!

SJC is the company that Taylor had his drums made through... in case you were all trying to think of what acronym I was trying to use :).

24 candles, Taylor has officially outgrown a single box of candles. 

Thanks everyone for making Taylor's birthday so special!  We love you all!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter Welcome

Kara was in the BEHS play of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Kara is a natural star, Broadway better watch out! It was so fun to go and watch her with my family.   I love my grandparents in this picture.  They look so happy like they always are!  I love them so much.   Ever wonder where I got my "funny face" for pictures?  Wonder no more.

For Shala's birthday we (Kristen, Jaron, Kyle and me) watched her kids so Adam and she could go to a BYU football game.   This is the kids after their baths by yours truly and their haircuts by Kristen.  They are enjoying their bedtime snack.  After babysitting for a night Kristen and I looked at each other and said, "You know, we could actually do this one day,"  ... and then I saw this picture of me!  Oh my, kids are a lot of work.  Shala became my superhero that night.

It was Anders' blessing last weekend.  I loved seeing my family and this cutie.  He was crossing his hands and we just had to snap a picture. 

This is my musical sister's (Shala) B-day cake.  This is probably my favorite cake I have made thus far.  I am definitely not an expert or even close, so I hope people don't think I am putting all these pictures up of these cakes thinking I rock.  I just enjoy doing it.  I think I like this cake because it is so simple.  

Well this isn't even half of what happened last weekend or this week.  It was Taylor's birthday which was wonderful.  I will post about that later.  I just have been so bad at blogging lately!  I will do better, cross my heart.

P.S.  This week one of our cars got a flat tire (on Taylor's birthday) and our other car wouldn't start when I went to leave work today.  What is worse than your car not starting when you are trying to leave work on a Friday?!  Oh I  know, your car not starting when you are trying to leave work on a Friday and there is 2' of snow on your car and a massive puddle of sludge by your door!  Needless to say the car is still sitting at work.

Welcome winter.  Let my love/hate relationship with you begin.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Bin

Last time I was at my parents', I went into the basement to discuss possible remodel ideas with my dad and brother-in-law, Adam.  As we were conversing, a large bin caught my eye. Instantly memories came flooding back.  This was our beloved dress up bin.  Full of fine materials, antique pioneer dresses, old prom gowns, and unwanted shoes; this bin held my childhood.  Countless summer days were spent dragging "the bin" outside and pillaging through the bright colored clothing.  While we adorned ourselves in outfits, elaborate stories would unfold. Of course there was the coveted purple silk fabric, it was large and could make any normal outfit amazing.  This fabric was sought after and fought after almost every time "the bin" made an appearance. Fashion shows, mini Broadways and dramatic scenes unfolded whenever "the bin" was around.

Perhaps this bin, or the 29 cycles of America's Next Top Model I've watched, are the reason I look at the latest Vogue magazine and suppress my inner desire to strike a pose and load on the eyeliner. Sure, I initially snicker at the skinny models with the crazy hair and  dramatic makeup, so strange and unnatural. Yet as I am snickering I am secretly wanting to dress up just like them and prance around my apartment! But, just like "the bin," my desires are tucked away in a dusty corner of the basement of my better judgement.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Abbie's Party!

This weekend was Abbie's birthday party.  It felt like christmas at my parents house, everyone was there (except my bread-winning hubby) the kids were playing in the snow and presents were being opened. It was a great weekend.  For those of you who don't know,  I am trying my hand at cake making.  This was by far my most rushed cake ( I made it in under an hour).  It looks alright from the front, but the back was completely falling apart!  I had to shove toothpicks in it as I ran out the door. In the future I will A) let the cake set before I put the fondant on and B) make sure I leave time to do my hair so I don't look like Cindy-loohoo for all of the pictures.

 Abbie said she either wanted a Cheetah, Arctic Fox or Snake cake.  She is completely an animal lover.
I love Robbie's face in this picture. 

 It took Abbie a couple tries to blow out the cake with her two front teeth missing! 
Kara is in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that the high school is putting on.  Shala and Adam and family went and saw it Friday night and brought the little star some flowers.  Way to show us all up!  Kara loved it.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

We had a great Halloween weekend.  Friday my sister Kara came up and went to the carnival and trunk-or-treat with Taylor and me.  My mom used some of the scrap fur from mine and Taylor's costumes and whipped a tail, ears, and paws together all in one night!  Amazing.  Kara was Agnus, also from Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Kara is the light of my life and my family's!  We love her so much.  

I made these yummy mummy men out of lil' smokies and biscuits for a party we went to Saturday night and a party we had at our place Monday night.  They are addictive!  

I always know when it has been too long since my last project because I begin to feel like I can't be creative anymore.   What should my next project be?   Painting?  Sewing? 
 This week is Abbie's (my adorable niece) birthday.  I am hoping my replacement KitchenAid is here soon so I can make her a fondant cake. Perhaps this will fill my creative void or at least spark up some inspiration!