Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

We had a great Halloween weekend.  Friday my sister Kara came up and went to the carnival and trunk-or-treat with Taylor and me.  My mom used some of the scrap fur from mine and Taylor's costumes and whipped a tail, ears, and paws together all in one night!  Amazing.  Kara was Agnus, also from Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Kara is the light of my life and my family's!  We love her so much.  

I made these yummy mummy men out of lil' smokies and biscuits for a party we went to Saturday night and a party we had at our place Monday night.  They are addictive!  

I always know when it has been too long since my last project because I begin to feel like I can't be creative anymore.   What should my next project be?   Painting?  Sewing? 
 This week is Abbie's (my adorable niece) birthday.  I am hoping my replacement KitchenAid is here soon so I can make her a fondant cake. Perhaps this will fill my creative void or at least spark up some inspiration!


  1. Fun post. I'll show it to Kara--she truly does light up our lives. What happened to your kitchen-aid? I had not heard? Take care and I'm looking forward to your next creation!

  2. Those mummy men are way fun : ) I'll have to make some for dad. . .Kara won't eat them. Reminds me of all the pigs in a blanket we ate when you were young. lil smokies are probably even better! Are the eyes mustard??

  3. Here's another post from me. . .sorry! Kristen made some really fun candy corn sugar cookies. I want to try them sometime, too. . .maybe Thanksgiving.