Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy 24th Taylor!

Drum cake for my drummer

I make a complete mess when I cook!

SJC is the company that Taylor had his drums made through... in case you were all trying to think of what acronym I was trying to use :).

24 candles, Taylor has officially outgrown a single box of candles. 

Thanks everyone for making Taylor's birthday so special!  We love you all!


  1. Shauna, you are killin' it on the cakes lately!!! Maybe we should start a bakery?!?

  2. The cakes are killing me! Three birthdays in November and more in December. Good thing I learned from the best ;). Happy bday on the 24th!

  3. That is probably the most amazing holiday sweater I have ever seen !! And the cake is pretty good too :)

  4. Thanks Alli! I just had to break out the sweaters, they have been tucked away for too long!

  5. I know Alli already took my comment, but I LOVE the sweater, Shauna. The only thing better is that amazing cake! It is so cool!!! Wish we could have been there. Hope you had a great birthday, Taylor!