Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello everyone!  I hope your holiday was a great as ours!  What's that?  It has been a week since Thanksgiving and I am just blogging about it? Yeah, I am cool like that.

We spent Thanksgiving up at my aunt's house in Rexburg (see small collage below). We enjoyed spending time with everyone and filling our bellies with delicious food!  I love the holidays.

My contributions to thanksgiving this year.  Relish tray and Chocolate Cherry Pie.  Delicious!

Kyle was debating on sleeping up on this ledge at my aunts house.  My gramps got out the tape measure and showed him how far he would drop if he rolled over in his sleep, he also measured how high he would probably bounce.  It was such a funny scene. 

I could devote a whole blog post to this, and probably will in the future, my grandpa makes these bird cages out of scraps from his many collections.  They are so unique and awesome!  I was glad Taylor snapped a picture of this one at my aunts.

Kyle and Taylor being men and changing some brakes.

Cyber Monday was awesome.  I don't know if people know this or not, but I have a slight obsession with online shopping.  It is my favorite.  I already bought a dress and shirt from Tulle on their pre-black friday sale and a new pair of winter shoes at UO.  Taylor wraps up everything I buy this month and puts it under the tree.  The lucky boy never has to do any Christmas shopping for me.

Is everyone already decking their halls?  I haven't even begun, too much to do in too little time! Taylor is dying for me to finish sewing my adult onesie pjs,  he has given me  a tentative date that I must have them completed by.  Last year I made him some dinosaur footed pjs and he wants us to be matching for the holidays.  I guess I have my sewing projects for the month of December.  I am leaving for Denver at the end of this week for a work retreat.  Nothing better than getting paid to play!

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