Thursday, December 22, 2011


I went into the dentist at 7:40 am and left at 10:30. Immediately after that I picked up the pain meds and popped one in and tried to eat some oatmeal. One hour later I was violently vomiting in the bathroom. I called Taylor crying and tried to compose myself as I cleaned up the lovely mess I had made on the bathroom floor. Yuck! My dentist called me in some anti-nausea medicine and after taking that and another pain med the pain was lessened greatly. What a day! Luckily I could take work off so I was able to sit and relax and watch Kathy Lee and Hoda (my guilty pleasure:) and listen to Florence + the Machine. I even got some Christmas wrapping done!

Sorry if that story was way too much info!  I hope the holidays are going wonderfully for everyone.  We are excited to party with family and friends.


  1. this makes me sad... nothing worse than vomiting.

  2. probably T.M.I. But it was awful! We can't wait to see you two in a couple days!