Monday, December 5, 2011

Denver Trip

Yes that is me holding the dog on the right... real dog... not photoshopped in.
This was our work Christmas card, my boss kept throwing around words like... "avant-garde", "couture" and "chanel",  It was quite fun.   Just looking at the picture I laugh, and you probably are too, but it was actually pretty fun to dress up in our wedding dresses and load on the make-up.  (Picture taken by Dunker)  We have over a hundred of variations on these pictures. Oh I love my job!

Last weekend I went to Denver on a work trip/ Christmas retreat.  We deal with a lot of showrooms in Denver and one of them was having a Christmas Party and told us if we came they would pay for the hotel.. yes we are just that loved :).

 The showroom had an insane sound system, glowing tables and... wait for it.. Ghost Chairs for the party goers to lounge on!  My inner design nerd couldn't help but squeal as I sat in those beautiful chairs.  Free alcohol was a plenty, luckily they had Sprite and Diet Coke for the non drinkers that were there (just me and my coworker:).  It was a riot to dance and party all night!  We went home with tired feet and a belly full of diet coke and expensive cheese :).
That's my boss.

There was showroom after showroom of GORGEOUS furniture.... I officially hate my apartment.

That's me!

That is our Kneedler Fauchere Rep Dennis.  We Love him!

We were swimming in samples of beautiful trims!  

 We spent a whole day shopping for our clients.

I will take it all!

Michele, Shauna and Jessie
Blurry... :(  The lady taking the picture said she was a little "blurry" that night as well.  

The decorations for the party were off the hook. 

Quite an unflattering picture, but how often do you get the chance to lay on a $20,000 bed??  This picture was taken at 1:00 in the morning when I was longing for my bed back at the hotel.
This was on the drive home.  The colors were amazing so I had to snap a pic.

I came home to my stressed out hubby.  I felt bad leaving him here with his MOUND of homework.  I can't wait for this week to be over.  We finally got our tree up on Sunday so it feels like Christmas!


  1. Wow. That Christmas Card.... Wow. Looks like you had an awesome time. So jealous! Those chairs... crazy.

  2. Hahaha are you dying about the card? I was!

  3. Yeah- I'd heard about that card from a third party. It's a gem!

  4. So fun! I thought the first picture was out of a magazine. Very cool--innovative --eye-catching Christmas card. Love seeing the trip in pictures.

  5. Shauna I love this!! I want to see all the pictures!!

  6. Amanda if we get together soon I will show you all of them! Haha they are awesome... PS I am making the popcorn stuff for YW on Tuesday, I may be calling you for help!!