Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ho Hum....

I know everyone has been DYING to see what a typical night is like in Spencerville.  Well here you have it.

There are few things I love more than making over-easy eggs with turkey bacon (about 100% tastier than regular bacon) and boiling water for hot cocoa in my Le Creuset tea kettle.  It has become nightly ritual that I love.  

In other news... on Sunday I made Taylor a slipcover for his iPad so that it doesn't ruin his other case while it is in his backpack ..... so yeah... I made a case for a case.  Pretty intense!

And finally, Amanda, if you are reading this,  you better call me! It has been an unusually long time since we last saw you two and we aren't too happy about it.


  1. I love this glimpse into Spencerville! I'm craving BACON!

    1. YOu need to come eat breakfast with Grandpa and me He eats bacon or sausage most of the mornings. :)

  2. I love turkey bacon! This is why we're friends. Even though over easy eggs make me gag. I want that tea kettle...

  3. Welll I'm pretty sure that Turkey bacon only tastes 60% as good as regular pork, but hey. I can appreciate the nightly ritual!

  4. Ok, maybe I exaggerated how good Turkey bacon is :) But I love it more than regular bacon now! My parents got me the tea kettle for Christmas and I would HIGHLY suggest getting one Courtney.

  5. It was fun to be in Spencerville for a few minutes. Thanks for your blogs! :) G & G

  6. We need to come down and see you G & G and have some delicious breakfasts with you!