Monday, January 16, 2012

Say Cheese!

What a fun week so far! Lifetime TV was at my work on Friday filming some segments for a new TV show. The show takes a girl in Logan who is struggling with addictions and tries to help her become clean and achieve her goals.  Since the girl wants to be an Interior Designer when she graduates, Michele (my boss) agreed to allow her into our office and to mentor her.  I was thinking there would be one camera man and the host, but there were tons of people crammed in our office! My boss, who we all know hates going over the top, (see proof here) hired a makeup and hair artist to come and make us over. Oh what fun.
 I wish I would have gotten an after picture,  my hair all soft and curly (I can never achieve this on my own).  Can I hire someone to come and do my hair and makeup every day?

These pictures aren't the best, you can't see most of the people, but we didn't want to be the giddy girls from Logan snapping pictures of all the LA'ers.   It was fun to have this experience and I truly hope the girl that will be working with us changes her life around!

Saturday my wonderful dad and I went to Rexburg to install some blinds my aunt had purchased from my work. It was so much fun to talk with my dad on the way up and back, it is rare that we get six hours of pure daddy daughter bonding time and I quite enjoyed it! It was also wonderful to see my aunt and grandparents.

When we were at my grandparents' house chatting in the living room, we heard a snap come from the kitchen. My grandma stopped mid sentence and said, "That was a mouse trap!" For those of you who don't know my grandma, she is completely and utterly afraid of mice. My childhood is filled with memories of people hiding fake mice in places where she would find them and hearing a shriek moments later.  My dad went into the kitchen to investigate and sure enough they had a mouse.  My grandpa sat there grinning for a little bit and finally said, "You think I ought to tell her?" My grandma insisted and my grandpa recounted the story of seeing a mouse out of the corner of his eye a few days earlier. He wasn't sure if it was a mouse or just a black spot in his eye,  but he didn't want to deal with my grandma getting him out of bed to go and get stuff for her and he didn't want to deal with her nerves for months! He snuck out of bed while she was sleeping that night and set all the traps to catch the mouse.  It was so endearing to see the tenderness in their relationship as he told this story.  I was laughing so hard about the whole situation.  You really won't appreciate this as much unless you know my grandparents, so this story is for you family!  You know g-ma is still fretting about this.

Yup... that's right, I have a picture of a dead mouse on my blog. 


  1. Dad and I are smiling. That's fun.

  2. can't wait to see the episode! When does it air?

  3. I love this! Your life is so exciting. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

  4. I don't know when or even if it will air. If the girl doesn't see any improvement I highly doubt we will ever see an episode! Isn't it funny how blogs can make your life seem more exciting than it actually is :)