Monday, February 6, 2012

Miss Us?

It has been a crazy week or so.  Here are some of the highlights

1.  Hanging out and doing crafts with my sister Kara, I love this girl.

2.  Going to Mission Impossible with the Hennessy's

3.  Day date with Taylor to Ikea to complete his man cave (pictures coming soon!)

4.  Dinner with Jaron and Kristen

5.  Temple session with my parents and Kyle followed by a delicious Village Inn breakfast

6.  Got the ENTIRE spare bedroom cleaned out! One down!


7.  Super Bowl party with Dan and Mckel

As usual it has been an eventful couple of weeks.  I have been super bad at blogging and super bad at taking pictures of all of our fun outings.  I will do better.  Promise!


  1. Whoo hoo! Don't you love having that bedroom cleaned out? Did you get one of the storage units in the laundry room?

    1. I need to get a locker! I mostly just got rid of tons of stuff.

  2. Dear Shauna you get prettier and prettier!!
    Let's play again soon.
    Forever yours

    1. You are too kind :)
      We need to get together ASAP. I need new jeans and you are the queen of denim!

  3. So sweet Amanda and I agree. Shauna, fun times for sure. Those glasses look enormous where ever you were eating!! Hopefully they were filled with something you love, my girl that loves yummy things to drink.
    I should post some pictures of the clothes you and Kara made for the paper doll. The clothes were out of awesome scrapbook paper. They were so fun. Kara showed me all the possibilities of combinations of clothes when she got home. :]

    1. I had so mush fun with Kara! I am glad she had fun too, I think we have a little fashion designer on our hands :)
      I still love my drinks! It was lemonade and it was delicious!