Friday, March 30, 2012

100% Combed Egyptian Cotton

Well, my root canal was a success!  I am baffled at how good I feel.  This picture was taken literally 45 minutes after my procedure.  I was slightly swollen but was still able to eat my entire Kabuki meal.  It was delicious.  I loved spending time with my mom and brother Kyle.  I hope I age as well as my mom, look how pretty she is!  Kyle's co-workers thought she was his sister.  Cute.
  I am definitely going to Kabuki again with Taylor when our pocketbooks are feeling deep.  It is a hidden gem in Logan.  Check it out!

On a completely unrelated note, something really awesome happened.  One of my clients at work needed some advise on a conference table that they are having custom made.  I shot him an email with some inspiration pictures.  He owns a high end sheet company and so I asked him if I could get some pricing on a sheet set.  Since the sheets were originally $200 dollars I assumed I could get them around $100.  I have been so sick of our charcoal sheets showing every dried drool spot from Taylor and have been wanting something a little fresher for a while. Well, to my surprise he gave them to me for free!  600 tc 100% combed egyptian cotton.  Yeah baby!  It is honestly heaven. It is no 1000 tc but it feels like I am sleeping in a cloud.  These sheets are fully to blame for me sleeping in today. 

Conference weekend is upon us!  We are looking forward to Spencer family pictures and a b-day party for my brother Kyle and nephew Robert. Taylor and I might even get a mini easter shoot with our friend Stacy.  Can't wait! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday.    


  1. You and your mom are both stunning!!! The only thing that would make this post better is if Colby and I were on your list of things you were doing this weekend!

  2. oh shauna, high thread count sheets are underrated! there is nothing like sleeping in a cloud;) so jealous you got them for free! makes them even more amazing!
    and yes, your mom is so incredibly beautiful inside and out and of course so are you! kyle, you too!ha!
    if you do that photo shoot, post the pics,k!?

  3. Express the awesomeness of these sheets to Dan. I think he thinks I'm a diva for loving Egyptian Cotton sheets.

  4. So So nice of you Shauna (and Amanda and Natalie)! I'm glad you're done with teeth stuff Shauna! I love your new bed look. . .bring the sheets with you when you stay here :D Nothing that fancy here to sleep in--ha!! So fun to have you and Taylor here yesterday--thanks for the awesome cake and all the help. You're fabulous. love ya, mom

  5. This post made me literally laugh out loud because I had the same problem with my husband! We had dark brown sheets and I felt like I couldn't wash them enough to keep the drool spots from appearing. Gotta love it. We recently switched ours to white because I thought, what the heck? We don't have kids and once we do-we will probably never be able to have white sheets. Anyways...goodbye drool marks-love it.