Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I haven't shared one story about our granny neighbors since I posted about them back in August.  I think winter forced them to cuddle up in their moo moos and stay on their couches.  Warmer weather brings more frequent granny crossings.  Today I hadn't even shut the door after coming home from work before DeAnne was frantically ringing our doorbell (I was thrilled she was wearing jeans - well... loose jeggings).  I thought something was terribly wrong, I should have known better.   For some reason they are OBSESSED with the satellite dishes that are on top of our buildings.  There are about three satellite dishes attached to each side of our roof, NONE of them are being used. However, the grannies insist on asking us every two months if we are using them.  Then they call the satellite company and ask them to come take them down.  It is kind of cute; it is their only little battle they won't give up.

Speaking of obsessions.  Taylor has been looking into buying a mountain bike lately.  Don't worry we have spent every other night at Al's Sporting Goods eyeing the goods.  We went from WANTING to spend around $500 to HAVING to spend a lot more than that to get a bike that Taylor wants.  We should be investing in one within the next week or two. Taylor has already bought a bike rack for our car and some other gear.  It is more than adorable.  We also invested in two backpacks so we can go backpacking this summer!  Holla!

What have I been obsessed with lately?

1.  Egg Shaped Reeses's Peanut Buttercups (this always happens around this time of year)


2.  Brightly colored clothing.  Nothing too crazy.... but I bought this shirt from ASOS (oh how I love this site).  I am sure this is a fleeting moment of my inner spring wanting to come out, but never the less, I am obsessed.

On a duller note.  I get a root canal tomorrow.  That's right, another blasted root canal.  I am spoiling myself and taking the rest of the day off from work.  I plan on laying on the couch and catching up on my TV shows.  


  1. I'm headed to bed, but just noticed your update. sorry about the root canal. I was/am going to text you in the morning to say that I'll be in logan for the day. . .temple and shopping and wondered if it'd work out to see you? I can come to you while you're on the couch? We'll see how it all goes. Hope the dentist experience goes well and I hope you're done for awhile!!

  2. Cute top friend! I love asos. Love the Deanna story. Those damn dishes... We're probably to blame as well. Don't let another week pass by before I read your blog again.