Monday, April 30, 2012

The Old Man In The Red Windbreaker

 I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  I have accepted the fact that I have become a horrible blogger.  I blame the beautiful weather (except for today), the people who keep planning fun things to do, and my laziness. Will I do better? Yes! 

 I had a wonderful temple outing with my parents.  Everyone always says that I look like my mom, and I do, but look at my dad and me! We have practically identical noses and are the only two people in the family that can boast about never having braces.  

Look at those tulips! Logan is blooming around us and I remember why I love it here.  With any luck we won't be here for another Logan winter.  Taylor has one more semester of school and then we are off to travel the world!

 I wish. 

Leaving logan would mean leaving a job I love, no longer having family 30 minutes away, and not getting to go on mini weekend adventures with the Hennessys.  Perhaps we will stay awhile. 

 (Courtney and Jake- notice the massive bottle of lighter fluid? Yup.  I blame you Jake Kearns for lighting the fire within Taylor and creating a little pyro) 
No, this is not a picture of the gloomy grey sky we were graced with this afternoon, but rather, a picture of the most adorable old man riding his bicycle.  This is not our first sighting of the gentleman in his red windbreaker.  Taylor and I have seen him on so many occasions and it always makes our days.  He slowly pedals around Logan, taking in the scenery as if he had not a care in the world.  His wrinkly little face smiles slighting and I have a strange impulse to hug him every time we spot him.  Today I was stopped at the red light right by our house when out of the corner of my eye I saw him pedaling past me.  I have been trying to snatch a picture of this sneaky little devil for weeks but he always turns a corner or I have to stop my pursuit to avoid a wreck.  Well today was my lucky day, he turned down the street we live on!  I sped around the corner, zoomed into our parking lot and frantically fumbled for my phone.  

Success.  He almost rode off the corner of my screen but I got him. I got him.  While this may be a horrible picture, I plan on getting a better one.  This will not be the last time the man in the red windbreaker rides! 

On another completely unrelated but equally random note, I walked into my room the other day and this is the scene that greeted me.  It has also been the scene that has greeted me for the past month.  It made me smile that my little pile of  projects that either need mended, dry cleaned, or altered were sitting in front of my gloomy painting.  My thoughts exactly.  I think I will paint a sunny landscape and clear my dresser of unwanted projects this week!


  1. Your dresser looks quite clean of projects compared to mine! Way to go! ...Where did you guys go camping!?

  2. Love the post. Don't stress yourself about the blog or your projects. You're wonderful! We'd love it if one of your weekend adventures involved you guys coming down our way! :) Love you guys! How'd Taylor's last week of school go?

  3. Uhhh that's a cute dresser. I do not remember that. P.s. I hate lighter fluid. I hate my husband with lighter fluid. It's no good. Wish we could watch creepy movies in the canyon with you guys!

  4. Kristen, we didn't go camping, just had a little bonfire in a small canyon by our house. Thanks Shala! Unfortunately Taylor is still in his last week of school. He has a killer final on Friday and then he is done for the semester! Hopefully we make it down to see you guys more often this summer! Courtney, with the warmer weather here I am constantly reminded of the blissful summer we spent with you guys a year ago! Miss you two!

  5. I love it!!!!! I can not wait to see u!

    Love Ya ,
    Kara(your favorite little sister:))