Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally Some Creating!

I have officially emerged from my non-crafting funk!

  Over the past month or so I have walked past these pants numerous times while shopping. 
My initial reaction was that I loved them, this surprised me since I usually stay FAR away from bold patterns.  

My second reaction was, "Honestly, who can pull off floral pants?"

I tried them on a couple times, once in front of Taylor.  He laughed for a while and told me they were hideous. So I threw them back on the clearance rack and for good reason... do you see how wide those beasts made my hips look?! And can you say, mom butt?? 

Then, about a week ago, the price dropped drastically and I knew I had to have them.  

I knew some sort of alteration was needed.  If I was 100 lbs and had toothpicks for legs I might have tried to pull them off as pants, but since I have the birthing hips of a rhino I knew I needed to revamp the design.  

Skirts are easy and they are a perfect way to dress up my work attire during the summer.  I can never have enough!  

I was surprised at how much material I had to take in.  I ended up making the skirt slightly constricting around the knee area, next time I will add a a slit.

Don't think I am crazy, but I went and bought a second pair of these today!!  I get so caught up in my projects.  I know now that I have done it once I can do it about twenty times better the second time.  Plus they were so cheap! 

Any suggestions for round two??

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Picture Post- (is everyone sick of these yet?! I am.)

The last week or so has been amazing!  We have been having a blast with family and friends.  

Hogle Zoo

Adam's 30th birthday party.  I can't believe you married such an old fart Shala!

Anders (my sister's youngest) and Taylor.  

The kids had a blast at the park and we had a blast watching them!

I cannot get enough of this kid.  I look at these pictures whenever I need a little pick me up.  He is so adorable!

We went to The Pie with Amanda and Colby.  We had NO CLUE the pizza we ordered was this large!  

We watched the solar eclipse with Randy and Netta.  Thankfully none of us went blind.  It was pretty awesome!

Biking up Green Canyon. We found THE PERFECT spot to camp.  We are so going there soon.

Dan and Mckel had an awesome Luau.  Taylor and I missed the memo on dressing up Hawaiian.  Stacey won for the hottest pants ever.  So jealous.  We laugh so hard when we are with all of these guys!

So there you have it, a very brief update of our happenings! Tomorrow is Memorial Day which means no work!  I am so excited to get a lot done around the house and party.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Three Trois Très Drei San

May 15th was mine and Taylor's three year wedding anniversary! It is funny,  sometimes I feel like we have been married such a short amount of time, but then it is hard to imagine that just four short years ago Taylor was not even in my life.  I can't describe how much I love Taylor nor do I want to! I am sure it would come off super cheesy and anyone who knows us knows that our relationship is pretty much the best thing ever.  No need to make everyone feel badly about their meager love stories by gushing about my killer husband who is so hilarious, smart (4.0 last semester!) and witty.  I won't even bring up that he opens my door every time we get in the car and without me saying a word he takes out the trash, does the dishes, cleans his beard trimmings out of the sink and squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom.   Sigh..... Taylor is the best. Perhaps I will gush.   
Taylor and I had a nice dinner and a bike ride for our anniversary.  Tomorrow we are heading to Salt Lake for the weekend, just a little get away.  I am super picky about the hotels I stay in (don't judge), and let's face it, SLC is no exotic getaway with luxury resorts.  But we managed to find a nice hotel with a pool (holla!).  It should be a very enjoyable weekend!

Did I mention Taylor can do super sexy wheelies on his bike and plays the drums better than anyone I know?!

Seriously though, I have the most amazing husband.  I love you Taylor!  I look forward to spending the rest of forever with you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well hello blogging world.  It has been awhile!  Work has been so busy, which means getting off late, which means choosing between the gym and blogging, which means no blogging. Hopefully work slows down a bit and I can do a bit better!  Things have been wonderful with us!  Here are a few pictures that highlight what we have been up to. 
Girls camp fundraiser.  We dipped over 800 strawberries and delivered them for Mother's Day.  It was a huge success.  While it meant sacrificing my precious Saturday mornings (absolutely no crafting this week!) It was well worth it!  I love my calling, although I still feel like I am a YW I learn so much from each of the girls. 

Lazy days in the hammock.

We had a wonderful Mother's day.  I am so grateful for TWO wonderful mothers Taylor and I have in our lives.  They are such great examples to us. We love you!
My father cooked up this beauty on Mother's Day.  It was divine.  

These cute/ugly little birdies have made their home in my in-laws' grill.  Isn't that crazy!  We can't wait to watch them grow up!  They had birds nest in their grill last year, too!

Our dumpster dive is a success!  New tires, new chain, new cables and new brake pads and I practically have a new bike.  Seriously though, I love it.  I normally don't wear heels while riding, but we got the call that my beauty was ready on our anniversary and I just couldn't resist going and picking it up!

Speaking of anniversaries..... Taylor and I have hit our 3 year mark.  Our relationship is way too amazing and cool to squish it in with this post so a separate post is soon to follow!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I finally got an iPhone.  It has been awesome and I don't know how I have gone so long without one! Instagram was an app I knew I would love.  It has not disappointed.

1. Concert with Dan and Mckel= super fun. 2.  Taylor has been riding his bike all the way to Macey's in Providence.  What a stud. 

3. Succulent love.  4. Ripped jeans - a summer must.
5. New shirt. 6. Taylor is done with school for this semester!  Just three more classes in the fall and he will have his bachelor's.  This semester was a killer on him and this is the first thing he did after he took his last final and rode his bike.
7. Sky and flower obsession. 8. Cutest cupcake cups ever.
9.   Taylor called and informed me that this beauty was lying in the dumpster.  Awesome.  Of course we had to fetch it out! Thank you neighbors for leaving such a fun treasure. 10. Joshua (Taylor's brother's son) turned 1 on May 6. It was also Dallas' (Taylor's brother) birthday.  We got to attend the wonderful party on Saturday up in Preston, Idaho. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was full of family, friends and fun. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Latest Obsession

I ran across S.R. Gambrel the other day while I was pinning and about wet my pants.  Every once in awhile I find a designer that truly inspires me.  What I love the most about Gambrel's designs are his use of windows and doors.  Mmm mmm mmm.  If my entry looked like the picture below I would be one happy camper. 

Most of Gambrel's interiors are a little over the top for my taste.  I love things simple, clean and hardly any color at all.  While he doesn't add a lot of color (just beautiful blues most of the time) he does add a bit too much "froof" for my taste... BUT... he designs so well and uses furniture and decor so differently then I would think to use them.  I suppose that is why I am so inspired by him.  While he may not be my 100% designer match up, he pushes me to think about things in a new way and I like that.  I like that ALOT. 

 Now let's move a little deeper in to my design lust world.  I have gone to Denver a couple times with my work, and have had the pleasure of attending a party at the house below.  Everything was white and dark.  Breathtaking.  I could have stayed all night.

Lastly, my favorite obsession is a designer name Stephen Volpe.  He was featured in an Architectural Digest a couple months back.  My favorite project of his is called the Antherton House.  I want the front of my house to look just like this (except no archy windows).

All white Carrara bathroom.  WANT. 

I am so happy today is Thursday! Saturday is Cinco De Mayo.  Any fun plans?