Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Three Trois Très Drei San

May 15th was mine and Taylor's three year wedding anniversary! It is funny,  sometimes I feel like we have been married such a short amount of time, but then it is hard to imagine that just four short years ago Taylor was not even in my life.  I can't describe how much I love Taylor nor do I want to! I am sure it would come off super cheesy and anyone who knows us knows that our relationship is pretty much the best thing ever.  No need to make everyone feel badly about their meager love stories by gushing about my killer husband who is so hilarious, smart (4.0 last semester!) and witty.  I won't even bring up that he opens my door every time we get in the car and without me saying a word he takes out the trash, does the dishes, cleans his beard trimmings out of the sink and squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom.   Sigh..... Taylor is the best. Perhaps I will gush.   
Taylor and I had a nice dinner and a bike ride for our anniversary.  Tomorrow we are heading to Salt Lake for the weekend, just a little get away.  I am super picky about the hotels I stay in (don't judge), and let's face it, SLC is no exotic getaway with luxury resorts.  But we managed to find a nice hotel with a pool (holla!).  It should be a very enjoyable weekend!

Did I mention Taylor can do super sexy wheelies on his bike and plays the drums better than anyone I know?!

Seriously though, I have the most amazing husband.  I love you Taylor!  I look forward to spending the rest of forever with you.


  1. Did Taylor write this blog??? ha! When I texted "Happy Anniversary" to Taylor and Shauna, Taylor texted back "Thanks, you raised an amazing daughter." Seems he feels the same way about you. You two are a fabulous couple.

  2. Ohh Tay tay. What a stud. Seeing you guys laying in front of the old apts makes me all sentimental. Sigh... plus you're gorgeous. the end.

  3. 3 years! congratulations, it always looks like you guys are having so much fun!

  4. you are a PERFECT sister !!!!!! I am SO lucky to have 3 sisters like you!!!