Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well hello blogging world.  It has been awhile!  Work has been so busy, which means getting off late, which means choosing between the gym and blogging, which means no blogging. Hopefully work slows down a bit and I can do a bit better!  Things have been wonderful with us!  Here are a few pictures that highlight what we have been up to. 
Girls camp fundraiser.  We dipped over 800 strawberries and delivered them for Mother's Day.  It was a huge success.  While it meant sacrificing my precious Saturday mornings (absolutely no crafting this week!) It was well worth it!  I love my calling, although I still feel like I am a YW I learn so much from each of the girls. 

Lazy days in the hammock.

We had a wonderful Mother's day.  I am so grateful for TWO wonderful mothers Taylor and I have in our lives.  They are such great examples to us. We love you!
My father cooked up this beauty on Mother's Day.  It was divine.  

These cute/ugly little birdies have made their home in my in-laws' grill.  Isn't that crazy!  We can't wait to watch them grow up!  They had birds nest in their grill last year, too!

Our dumpster dive is a success!  New tires, new chain, new cables and new brake pads and I practically have a new bike.  Seriously though, I love it.  I normally don't wear heels while riding, but we got the call that my beauty was ready on our anniversary and I just couldn't resist going and picking it up!

Speaking of anniversaries..... Taylor and I have hit our 3 year mark.  Our relationship is way too amazing and cool to squish it in with this post so a separate post is soon to follow!


  1. Great Pics and Posts! What are you going to do with your old bike??

    1. You're keeping it, right? A person can be fine with one good mountain bike, but you're missing out on one of the most fun aspects of biking if you just have a road bike.

  2. Love the bike. The birds creep me out.

  3. The Salmon looked soo much better in person. It glistened in the sun. Also can I get some of these pictures from you?

  4. Btw. . .Grandpa Robertson would be so proud of your dumpster diving success!!

  5. Mom and Kyle, I am still keeping my mountain bike! Of course! Now I just have the best of both worlds. Tell me what pics you want kyle and I will send them to you! The Salmon did look better in person. SOO good.

    Courtney, haha the birds are kinda creepy!

  6. Who likes Salmon......... NOT ME!!!!!!But it was very tempting!!!Nice bike!!