Sunday, May 27, 2012

Picture Post- (is everyone sick of these yet?! I am.)

The last week or so has been amazing!  We have been having a blast with family and friends.  

Hogle Zoo

Adam's 30th birthday party.  I can't believe you married such an old fart Shala!

Anders (my sister's youngest) and Taylor.  

The kids had a blast at the park and we had a blast watching them!

I cannot get enough of this kid.  I look at these pictures whenever I need a little pick me up.  He is so adorable!

We went to The Pie with Amanda and Colby.  We had NO CLUE the pizza we ordered was this large!  

We watched the solar eclipse with Randy and Netta.  Thankfully none of us went blind.  It was pretty awesome!

Biking up Green Canyon. We found THE PERFECT spot to camp.  We are so going there soon.

Dan and Mckel had an awesome Luau.  Taylor and I missed the memo on dressing up Hawaiian.  Stacey won for the hottest pants ever.  So jealous.  We laugh so hard when we are with all of these guys!

So there you have it, a very brief update of our happenings! Tomorrow is Memorial Day which means no work!  I am so excited to get a lot done around the house and party.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday.


  1. This was so interesting, Shauna! Thanks for taking the time to update your blog! Love you! G & G Stewart

  2. Crazy big pizza! You had left overs right?? Adam's party was fun and I love the pictures of the kids--esp. good ones of Anders. Green Canyon looked so good from these pictures, we had to try it out. . .thanks for going with us on Monday. It was great to take Kara on her first mountain biking experience! You're awesome. love ya!