Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kara Boo

I just had to copy you Shala, don't hate!  I am 10 minutes late, but Happy Birthday to my little sister Kara.  I can't even describe the love I have towards this girl.  She is such a joy in our lives and I am so glad she is part of our family, even if it took her WAY too long to join us!  

We love you so much Kara and hope you had the best Birthday in the world!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Summer So Far...

Here is a little update.  Enjoy.
(left) Hanging out with friends and the prettiest dog ever.  Last year we got to see this pup deliver a whole litter of adorable pure bread chocolate labs.  It was amazing. (middle) Our friends have an RC car, which just fueled Taylor's desire to get a new car (he had an old one from his junior high days). 
(right)Our friends Dan and Mckel are considering buying a trailer so they had to give us the grand tour.  We can't wait to go camping with them!
All the fellas watching the remote control car  zoom off, I could never catch a picture with everyone and the car so this will have to suffice. They are just like little boys.

Last Friday we had quite the adventure.  It was 1:30 a.m. (so I guess technically it was Saturday morning) and we were playing cards on our front lawn with our awesome new neighbs. Once the party died down, we were gazing at the stars and noticed a beam of light going into outer space.

That's right, outer space people!

 My gal Amanda and I knew it was something crazy but the men were skeptical.  So naturally we had to pile in the car and find where it was coming from.

Our hunt led us to a building up on campus that had a green beam shooting straight out the top.  Of course the doors were locked, but there was a nice man waiting outside with homemade hummus and chips that offered to let us in if his girlfriend ever picked up her phone. PERFECT timing.

Turns out USU has some "Lidar" beam program that shoots a green laser into outer space which then reflects off the atmosphere and bounces back to some mirrors around the base of the laser and is collected and analyzed.

 It was actually pretty amazing stuff.  Most of the time the girl explaining how everything worked was talking way over our knowledge on lidar beams, but what I did understand was pretty fascinating.  We had to wear glasses when looking at the origin of the beam to avoid being blinded. When we had the glasses on we could look directly at the beam and see nothing.  The whole room that is glowing green in the picture below just looked like a blank room.
Next they took us up the ladder to the roof (being murdered didn't even cross our minds). They showed us if we brushed dust into the beam it would look all sparkly and pretty.  The hummus guy also held some sandpaper into the beam and it started sparking and smoking. The whole night was just bazaar!  I kept thinking I was in some science fiction movie and at any moment weird things were going to happen.

We spent Saturday night in Ogden hanging out with my family playing volleyball, tennis, ping pong, and watching HGTV with Jaron, Kristen, and Kyle until way too late.  Sunday morning was my cousin's homecoming.  It was so wonderful to see my whole family and it was great that we all got to be with my father on Father's Day.
My sister Kristen mentioned how much she loved this picture because everyone was just sort of "caught in a moment," or something like that. I couldn't agree more.  It is so fun!

I was just trying to snap a picture with my Dad, but Taylor the creeper and Kyle the joker wouldn't leave us alone!

My grandparents were up from Snowflake, AZ.  I loved watching my grandma try and whistle through a leaf.

Taylor looks so great in this picture I just had to put it up.  hottie.

We were able to spend all of Sunday evening with Taylor's family.  Our nephew Joshua is so mobile and big now!  I always love watching my in-laws play with him, they are some really great grandparents.

Taylor and his Father.  Randy has the lungs of steel in the family.  He ALWAYS wins the M&M straw game and is the designated ball blower-upper.

Is this post over yet!!!!?  So long!

Last thing.

Taylor sold a few drum cymbals and bought a new remote control car.  He drives this thing around like crazy.  As I write, he is outside zooming that thing around.  His favorite activities include getting dogs to chase the car and scaring little kids to death.  Both annoy the owners/parents equally and I have decided to avoid his car outings in the future :)

When I took this last picture, he had just come in from the wind and car racing and said,  "Shauna, this is AWESOME."  He honestly looked just like a 12-year-old boy on Christmas Day.  Cute. 

We have quite the busy week coming up.  Girls camp is next week followed by a family reunion on my dad's side.  Exciting stuff.  I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shocks and Shockings

I blame summer for my blogging absence, but I am done with excuses!  I will blog more when winter hits and I start doing nothing but cuddling in a blanket with my hot cocoa, a good movie, and my hubby. 

So far summer has been wonderful and care free.  During summer I realize more than ever that I live for the weekend. Our weekends have been filled with bike rides, lots of beach volleyball, crafting and spending time with people we just can't get enough of. 

I loved this bike ride with my family.  Kara was such a trooper, this girl is going places!

Halfway through this bike ride I got an insane flat tire and ended walking up this hill in my stark white tennis shoes.  I was TICKED.  Luckily not too much damage was incurred. Seriously, why did I think white tennis shoes were ever a good idea?

These two awesome people (Kristen and Jaron) took a night and patiently taught all of us tennis.  Taylor and I were awful, but look at Taylor's awesome form in this picture!  Not staged at all.... 

This video was taken a couple months ago and I keep forgetting to upload it.  Yup, Taylor is wearing a shock dog collar.  My favorite part isn't when he gets shocked on the highest setting, it is when he gets shocked on the lowest on accident and lets out THE funniest yelp.