Monday, June 11, 2012

Shocks and Shockings

I blame summer for my blogging absence, but I am done with excuses!  I will blog more when winter hits and I start doing nothing but cuddling in a blanket with my hot cocoa, a good movie, and my hubby. 

So far summer has been wonderful and care free.  During summer I realize more than ever that I live for the weekend. Our weekends have been filled with bike rides, lots of beach volleyball, crafting and spending time with people we just can't get enough of. 

I loved this bike ride with my family.  Kara was such a trooper, this girl is going places!

Halfway through this bike ride I got an insane flat tire and ended walking up this hill in my stark white tennis shoes.  I was TICKED.  Luckily not too much damage was incurred. Seriously, why did I think white tennis shoes were ever a good idea?

These two awesome people (Kristen and Jaron) took a night and patiently taught all of us tennis.  Taylor and I were awful, but look at Taylor's awesome form in this picture!  Not staged at all.... 

This video was taken a couple months ago and I keep forgetting to upload it.  Yup, Taylor is wearing a shock dog collar.  My favorite part isn't when he gets shocked on the highest setting, it is when he gets shocked on the lowest on accident and lets out THE funniest yelp.  



  1. Why was Taylor the only one that knew that picture was being taken at Tennis? You've been sneaky in your photography ways.

  2. ohhhkay. i miss summers with you guys. thank you for posting that video.

  3. We're speechless after the shock collar! Thanks for sharing all of the above! love ya!