Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Get ready for the longest post ever.  I will try and keep things brief.

I did some more crafting! I have had this necklace for about six months and hardly wore it. 
Then I saw these lovelies in a couple stores.

So I made this. (Just ignore the stupid poses, it was surprisingly hard to get a picture of it!) I also got these mint leggings and have been having the hardest time trying to find something that goes with them.  This necklace and those leggings were M.F.E.O. 

 Next item on the agenda - Girls' Camp!  This was definitely a different experience.  I had no idea how hard girls camp is when you are on the opposite side of things!  Past YW/Camp Leaders, THANK YOU!
 Pedicures and pampering after the hike.

 Literally two hours after I arrived home from girls camp we went to Ogdentown for a surprise party for my bro-in-law, Jaron.  My sister Kristen made these adorable tennis ball cupcakes for him!  I still need to get the rest of the pictures from my dad!  We had a wonderful evening!  Happy Birthday Jaron! Sorry you don't get an entire picture post dedicated to you like Kara did :)

The next morning we left for a large Robertson family reunion.  It was so amazing to see everyone and spend time with family.  We love you all!  There were games and the longest slide EVER.  

My grandma was working the leopard spotted PJs!

Matching hair!

Egg Toss.  Shala and Adam Killed it!

I hope you can all see this - Jens had a bomb tan line.  My sister, Shala, applied a large amount of sunscreen to this child when he went swimming, but forgot to account for the sag of the trunks once they become wet.  haha

This was the valley that we stayed in.  It was beautiful.  Kyle, Taylor, and I even got to sleep on the balcony under the stars.  It was so great. 

 Prettiest drive home ever!

 Finally we are home!  But not for long!  Thursday we leave for Vegas with the Hennessys!  

Below is the new addition to our house.  This arrived at my work completely smashed to pieces.  I salvaged it from the garbage and glued it back together!  Boo ya.  It doesn't look that tall, but it is at least 24" from the base to the top of the head.  I love it. 


  1. You've been busy. Love the horse, but mostly the story behind it!

  2. Love Gigantipost! Awesome horse! You got the digging in the garbage for cool stuff from Grandpa Robertson and the talent of gluing things together from your Dad. Fun pictures of the reunion and slide/sliders. You get the best pictures of Anders!! Great pictures of grandpa and grandma, Marla, Lynette and Kendrick. Kyle and Taylor milking the cow is a classic. Super nice panoramic shot of the scenery--so pretty! I still am amazed at how well the necklace turned out--so cool and in person even cooler. The YW camp t-shirts are awesome-i like the saying! I love the camp set-up pictures. Well I'm trying to think of some creative way to say 'how bout this super long comment, huh??' for this gigantipost--but no creative words are coming.

  3. The leopard pjs are my favorite. :)

  4. I was SOOOO jelous YOU got to sleep UNDER THE STARS!!!!!!:( I got stuck(locked by an anoying kid) on the OTHER balconie until what , 10:30?!?!( and spent another half hour looking for a cousins lost black (extreamly hard to find) flip-flops.any way i like the latest post and the horse i (literally) "craked up:)!:)!:)!:)!:)!HA!That "going home" pic is BEAUTIFAL!!!!

    p.s. Love the big house(but mostly the delicios sprite and piza that came with it:))