Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunset On Summer

Oh my it has been awhile!  Taylor and I have been busy savoring every last bit of summer.  Multiple Seven Peaks trips, camping, family parties, friend luau's, it has all been a blast!  I have decided to keep my pictures to two per event because of my never ending storage problem!   

Next week Taylor starts school.  It is his last semester. It seems so surreal! There is something about this time of year that makes me want to go out and buy ten crisp new outfits, lay them out on the couch and decide what to wear the first day of school.  Those were the days.   

Busy husband + No new school clothes + No school = Project time.   

1. Dad's Bday Party
2. Family Fun

3. Friend Luau
4. Family Reunion
5. Camping
6. Seven Peaks and Bruges
7. Dye Project
8. Family Craft Party.  
Next Kristen and I are going to put polka dots on these pants.  They are more mustard than they look in this picture, so they are a perfect fall jean. Can't wait to finish them!

Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 So I guess there is such a thing as running out of space on your blogger account, otherwise known as your picasa web album.  So that is why I haven't blogged in so long!  If anyone knows how to avoid paying the $2.50 a month for more storage please let me know.

On to more exciting things! This year is my grandparents' (my mom's parents) 50th wedding anniversary.  The whole family got together to celebrate and we couldn't have had a better time. Below are some picture highlights of our fun. 

 Horseshoe Bend.  This place was crazy!  You can literally go and stand right at the edge and look over. Some of us didn't handle it as well as others.  Luckily my little nephew Robbie was there to comfort Kristen. 

 My parents were amazing and so generous and paid for our entire family, minus Kyle who was in China (we missed you!), to stay at THE cutest bed and breakfast in Snowflake, AZ.   
 This scrumptious dish is known as German Babies. It was probably 1500 calories.  But oh so worth it. Don't worry, I got it every morning. 
 My parents, Taylor, and me standing in front of the B&B.  It was early so I have morning face. 
We got to spend sunday school in the cry room of my grandparents' church.  I guess this is what you get when you nearly double the size of a town by visiting. 

Did I mention my nephew can dunk??  This kid is going places.  We couldn't get enough of my sisters adorable kids and all of our fun relatives. 

 Family Home Evening backyard style.  

 Let the anniversary party begin!
This was Taylor's first time visiting my grandparents' house. We were able to do a temple session with my whole family in the Snowflake Temple.  It was a really amazing experience that I will never forget.  
 Missing my bro Kyle once again.

 All of my cousins!  If the children weren't in the hall chowing down on the refreshments they spent their time watching a movie in the theater attached to the Snowflake Social Hall.  Posh right?!

 The party was a huge success and we had such a great time!  Good job Grandma and Grandpa you are amazing!  

I obviously need to be more selective in the pictures I upload.  I just can never choose!  Hopefully I will get this storage thing figured out and be up and running in no time.