Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunset On Summer

Oh my it has been awhile!  Taylor and I have been busy savoring every last bit of summer.  Multiple Seven Peaks trips, camping, family parties, friend luau's, it has all been a blast!  I have decided to keep my pictures to two per event because of my never ending storage problem!   

Next week Taylor starts school.  It is his last semester. It seems so surreal! There is something about this time of year that makes me want to go out and buy ten crisp new outfits, lay them out on the couch and decide what to wear the first day of school.  Those were the days.   

Busy husband + No new school clothes + No school = Project time.   

1. Dad's Bday Party
2. Family Fun

3. Friend Luau
4. Family Reunion
5. Camping
6. Seven Peaks and Bruges
7. Dye Project
8. Family Craft Party.  
Next Kristen and I are going to put polka dots on these pants.  They are more mustard than they look in this picture, so they are a perfect fall jean. Can't wait to finish them!

Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall!


  1. Shauna, please come and up cycle my wardrobe. The end. I LOVE your talent!!

  2. You guys are having far too much fun. We're starting to hate you. Or maybe miss you. Or envy you. We have lots of feelings.

  3. The water slide looks fun. . .where was that at? And I'm still smiling at Dallas' face on that scooter. It's so fun that Taylor can have his drums at the house--good capture of his expression teaching the nephew how to play.

  4. Anytime Niki! Courtney we miss and envy the crap out of you guys every stinking day! Counting down the days until December! Thanks Mom! The water slide was at John Adams. Taylor's dad has a big tarp. It was a blast!

  5. I love it! Slip-in-slide in jeans. I really need to try that. Also, I have the coolest sisters ever. the end. :)