Thursday, September 20, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Sometimes when I look at pictures taken in my house, I honestly think they were taken 30 years ago.  But I love it.  I am not going to be happy the day we have to move away from this wonderful place!  A picture tour will come!  Promise.  It has only taken me two months :)

We LOVE fall around here, and are planning on throwing a pretty sweet Halloween party.  I decided to experiment a little bit with string art and am loving it.  I think I will make a series for my wall this fall.  
My cute little sister came up and kept me company yesterday.  I love hanging out with this girl.  Her positive attitude is infectious!

On a completely unrelated note.  My birthday is in less than a week! 

What are my birthday wishes you might ask? 

1. Vacation.
2. A night out with my man.
3. To lose 10 lbs while continuing to eat a box of Junior Mints a day.
4. New mountain bike
5. New fall wardrobe

Sometimes I hate birthdays.  Too much wishing for things I don't have instead of enjoying what I've got -  which is pretty much amazing.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Peplum Picks!

I am loving the peplum trend right now!  I just purchased a new peplum top from Dorothy Perkins.  This website already has great prices, but if you sign up as a student you get 25% off!  I knew there was a silver lining to Taylor still being in school....

On a more somber note, something tragic has happened.  Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have split!  HONESTLY!? I couldn't care less about most celebrity couples.  This was the ONE Hollywood relationship I cared about. Booo.  At least they made adorable babies.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I always feel weird this time of year, like summer is over but fall hasn't quite yet arrived.   I feel weird wearing shorts, but it is still too warm for jeans. This "limbo" feeling has created some pretty unproductive days!  I hope that all changes within the next little while.

I am sure it will because we can't get enough of fall around here.  

Here is what we have been up to the past  few weeks. 
1.  My mom's birthday party!  I decided to get all crafty and made paper garland out of paper dots. Honestly, it was way too much work for the amount of impact it had in the room. But it was fun and I will keep the garland for a while!  My mom wasn't the only one getting presents at her party.  My brother Kyle brought back these adorable dresses for my sister Kara and niece Abby.  Best uncle/brother ever. 
2. Sprucing up the china cabinet.  There are few chores more fulfilling than polishing silver!

3.   Polkadot crazy. Just two examples of many I will be sporting this fall. 
4.  Camping with the Spencers!  We invented a new game called "Shalancing" (shovel balancing).  Rules:  Balance on the top of a shovel for as long as you can without touching the handle or the ground.    Nathan is the reigning champ with 64 seconds. I dare you to beat that!
My new favorite camping accessory is a head lamp.  Hand free light wherever you look! 
5.  Bike rides with my mother-in-law.  So much fun!  Taylor always has to find the most secluded spot for our tent.  This particular spot was close to the camp, but completely covered by a canopy of trees!  Beautiful.  Why does summer ever have to end?

6.  Perfect fresh peach shake from my hometown of Brigham City!  It just isn't Peach Days without one. 
 7. Night bike rides.  THE BEST.

8. Every fall I have an urge to dye my hair darker.  WHY do I do this to myself?  I know I like myself blonde and I know Taylor likes me blonde.  But hey, it is only hair; luckily it changes. Honestly the first week was a huge shock.  But now it has faded DRASTICALLY and I am liking it a lot more.  
9.  Sadly we had a wedding the day after my dark hair trauma...  If I could only turn back time.  Congratulation to Tim and Kelsey the prettiest couple ever! 
 10.  Taylor un-decorating the party.

Well, I can officially say my summer hiatus is over.  I am making it a goal to blog at least twice a week whether you all want to hear from me or not!