Thursday, September 20, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Sometimes when I look at pictures taken in my house, I honestly think they were taken 30 years ago.  But I love it.  I am not going to be happy the day we have to move away from this wonderful place!  A picture tour will come!  Promise.  It has only taken me two months :)

We LOVE fall around here, and are planning on throwing a pretty sweet Halloween party.  I decided to experiment a little bit with string art and am loving it.  I think I will make a series for my wall this fall.  
My cute little sister came up and kept me company yesterday.  I love hanging out with this girl.  Her positive attitude is infectious!

On a completely unrelated note.  My birthday is in less than a week! 

What are my birthday wishes you might ask? 

1. Vacation.
2. A night out with my man.
3. To lose 10 lbs while continuing to eat a box of Junior Mints a day.
4. New mountain bike
5. New fall wardrobe

Sometimes I hate birthdays.  Too much wishing for things I don't have instead of enjoying what I've got -  which is pretty much amazing.


  1. Kara's bat turned out so cute and is in our living room getting me excited for Halloween. Thanks so much for watching AND entertaining her!
    Thanks for the ideas for your birthday. I remember when you used to start counting down for your birthday when it was at least 60 days away! Loved your anticipation.

  2. So cute Shauna! I hope you had a fantabulous birthday! Btw, I love the string art idea! It looks like it takes a long time, but it almost has a vintage look to it. Is that the word you would've used?

    Take care! and Happy Birthday!