Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1/2 Way To Fifty

Well another birthday has come and gone!  I am now officially the big 25.  Crazy.  

Taylor made sure to make my birthday super special.  Special dinner, special shopping day in SLC, special new BIKE (thanks everyone not just Taylor!), special cake, and some special classic movies on blu-ray.  It was all AMAZING.  
Last Sunday we were able to get together with my family AND Taylor's family.  Thank you so much for all of the wonderful food, cakes and famous Spencer cobbler!  It was so great to spend time with our family.

Everyone pitched in and got me this sweet new ride!  I am in love with it.  I loved biking before, but my new bike makes me love it even more! 

My birthday was slightly stressful because Taylor and I were in charge of the ward party with another couple in our ward.  You might be thinking, "Meh... ward party, not a big deal!"  But our ward makes it a big deal.  We literally got told by the bishopric to make it amazing and big and grandiose! So it was stressful.  We ended up planning a talent show, it went off with out a hitch and looked great.  I am just SO glad it is over.  I won't be agreeing to do this again :)

Taylor and his buddy Dan stole the talent show with an amazing drum duet.  All the grannies were swooning like crazy and Mckel and I had to get our men out of the gym before we lost them to some hungry cougars.  Thanks for coming up Dan and Mckel.  You two are the best!
Something CRAZY happened last night.  Taylor's brother Nathan got hit by a car on his motorcycle.  When I heard the news I thought for sure he was dead, lots of motorcycle accidents end that way and I freaked.  Sometimes (ok all the time) I forget how fragile life is.  I am so grateful that Nathan wasn't critically injured.  Cuts, bruises, and a lacerated spleen will keep Nathan in the hospital until tomorrow but he should make a full recovery!  

We drove down to SLC with my amazing in-laws and were able to visit with him in the hospital.  The whole experience left me feeling extremely grateful for the wonderful people we have in our lives.  We love you all! 
What better to cheer you up after a hospital visit than a trip to In- N- Out with these fine folks.  Loved it!

SOOO...  We are taking a poll.  What should we be for Halloween??  Are we ever going to top last year?  No, we have pretty much set ourselves up for failure.  But I want to hear your ideas.  GO!


  1. So glad Nathan is okay! Your ward party looks like it was adorable... Not that you would do anything less. Love your birthday pictures and your bike! wahoo!

  2. I too think your ward party looks completely amazing!! I want to come! I am also so glad Nathan is O.K. I'm sure he'll love seeing that picture of him. :) That is super scary. The pic of your in-laws is adorable. I'm so sorry I made you such a cheesy birthday cake. I laugh just looking at it. :) And, of course, your bike looks AWESOME! The color is super cute. I'm so happy you got one.

    O.K. Halloween. . . I only have "How to Train Your Dragon" on the brain. Check out this costume:

    Make it; then make one more for Abbie. Please. :) Taylor can be Hiccup!

  3. Please be Emily Maynard and Jef Holm. People water and all. Cross dressing, optional.

  4. This blog was so fun to read! I am trying to think of what you could dress up like for Halloween. You are so good at creating anything. I did think of Dagwood and Blondie, but that is too old fashioned perhaps. Anyway, it was fun to think :) Love you! G & G Stewart

  5. Kara says it would be funny for you two to be Minnie and Mickey mouse or Troy and Gabriella from High School musical. Mom, I like your Dagwood and blondie idea! Let's see--how about the mom and dad on Meet the Robinsons--one of my favorite movies!!! Loved seeing your birthday pictures! Glad you had a fun week--and that the ward party turned out well. I love that it was a talent show--would've been fun to see the drumming--love the swooning!

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  7. P.S. Too says you should be cans of tuna--he's hungry!

  8. Good thing you can't see any lower in that hospital picture with me leaning forward since there was nothing underneath that gown!! And thank you two (as well as mom and dad) so much for coming to visit and bringing treats. It meant a lot to see you there. I try to be stronger than I am sometimes and pretend I don't need loved ones there when I really do and my family never fails to see right through that facade. Thank you again and I'm glad to be doing lots better!