Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hello! It has been way too busy lately to blog, and I am just going to have to accept that!  These next few months are going to be crazy.  Lots of birthdays- including Taylor's!  We had so much fun this last month, I wish I would have kept up better on the updates because now it is just too overwhelming!

Below is a bite sized excerpt from Halloween.

1. Decorations:

I found this glass head and knew I had to do something with it!  I decided to paint it with chalkboard paint and use it as a scary Halloween centerpiece. Now that Halloween is over I will wipe the chalk off and use it as a hat/sunglass/headphones holder.  I like decorations that are useful year round!

I loved the idea of potion bottles and found some great bottles at various places around the valley.  The night of Halloween we put dry ice in each of them and it was all spooky and foaming.  I also made the framed spider anatomy picture behind the bottles.  I took the spider page out of a large, old dictionary I had and pasted a pre-made spider sticker over the top and then called out various parts on the spider.  It took me under ten minutes and I was able to use stuff around the house which is always a plus!
I draped all of our furniture with white sheets to give it a spooky, old abandoned house, feel.  It worked great for preventing party food stains, also!
Taylor set up a graveyard in our front yard.  We thought this would lure trick-or-treaters to our front door but we didn't end up getting one! Maybe it was too spooky?
2.  Costumes: We decided to be Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. I went online looking for a dress only to find that they were all a bit too scandalous.  I had been wanting to try my hand at  sewing a dress for awhile and I thought this was a good opportunity!  I used the vintage Vogue pattern V8789.  It is deceptively easy to make a dress.  This dress took me roughly 3-4 hours on a Saturday afternoon.  The cape was easy, too; plus, making costumes is so much more fun than buying them!
The hardest part about our costumes was finding a moo-moo for Taylor to wear!  DI was so picked over and moo-moos are surprisingly expensive.  We ended up checking DI multiple times and found this one.  Quite flattering wouldn't you say?

3.  Party:

We had a blast at our party!  Thanks everyone for showing up in your great costumes and partying the night away with us!