Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Year

I decided I needed to blog at least one more time to finish out 2012. What a year it has been!  

Family reunions in Arizona and Idaho, Vegas, camping, moving, biking, and Taylor GRADUATING have all kept us busy this year.  

We are starting 2013 out right by going to Kauai, Hawaii in less than a week with some of our friends who moved to Oklahoma over a year or so ago. We have missed them like crazy and can't wait to spend a whole week partying in Hawaii with them. I still can't believe it is actually happening.  It will be my first time going to Hawaii and I am giddy like a school girl.  

Upon our arrival home things will get pretty crazy. Turns out we have to be moved out of our house by the 30th of January.  The city is tearing it down to widen the road. blah. Curse you eminent domain.

So where does that leave us for the rest of 2013?  Your guess is as good as ours.  

My boss recently partnered with a good friend of hers and opened a second location in SLC and said I could work down there and Taylor received the ok to transfer to a SLC location as well.  Taylor is itching to get a job in his field (PR), and Salt Lake would have a lot more opportunities than Logan. 

Never before has my life been so up in the air. 

Something will work out, it always does; but I am stressed out of my mind not knowing where we are going to be in four short weeks. 

But for now, Happy New Year from the Spencers!  I hope it is filled with family, friends and joy. 


  1. It's fun to think back on the year with you. Can't wait to see some Hawaii pictures on this blog! We're praying for you two at this transitional time. lots of love, mom

  2. Good luck with everything, you guys! Everything will work out. Loved reading the update. Love you and have fun in Hawaii. I've heard Kauai is the best.