Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Crazy January

It has been awhile since my last post and a lot has changed.

I thought I should give everyone a quick update.


1. Hawaii

The beginning of January Taylor and I were able to go to Hawaii with our friends Jake and Courtney.  We had the most amazing time!  Sometimes when I am driving to work with my hands frozen to the steering wheel, I think about Hawaii and I literally have to hold back the tears. If you want to see pictures and a video check out Facebook or Courtney's Blog (she is pretty much the cutest blogger ever).

2. Taylor's Job

The day before we left for Hawaii Taylor got called in for an interview at a company called Color Vibe.  They plan and coordinate 5K races all over the country.  The interview went amazing and they called him a couple of hours later and said they wanted to fly him to a race in California after we got back from Hawaii.  So... we got back from Hawaii on a Sunday and the following Thursday Taylor was already out of state again.

The race went well and we were hopeful that after that they would offer Taylor the job.  Sure enough, a few days later we were eating dinner with the CEO's and their wives and talking business.

The next day they offered Taylor a job as an Event Director.

He and one other guy are the main directors and they are over a team that coordinates the events.

Keep in mind, while all this was happening, we were trying to find a place to move since we had to be out of the house we were living in by January 31st.

 Taylor got offered the job in the morning and that night we were signing the lease to our new pad.

3. Surgery

A few days after all of this was going down I had surgery to correct my "gummy" smile.  Below are the before and after pics- sorry if it is gross.  Basically they did some Clinical Crown Lengthening and enhanced my smile while fixing a problem!

Left- Before, Right- After
The surgery itself wasn't bad at all, but the recovery has been a little difficult.  It was especially challenging because we were moving two days after I had the surgery and I just didn't have a lot of energy because I was hardly eating anything.  Our families were WONDERFUL.  We had so much help moving and we were so grateful.  Everyone came out in the snow and cold and helped.  We love you all so much!  THANK YOU.

I am still recovering from the surgery, I got my stitches out last week and cannot wait until I can brush with my electronic toothbrush and whiten again!

4. The Aftermath

After Hawaii, a job transition, surgery and moving we were glad when February rolled around and we were finally settling in to a more permanent situation.  I still have tons of boxes to un-pack, lots of house projects, and plenty of shopping I need to do for the new house but I am trying just to take everything a day at a time.

Thursday, Taylor left for a race in Houston.  He will be traveling every other week (Thurs.- Sun.) from here on out.  It is going to be a transition, but I am excited about all of the projects I am going to get done while he is away!

I feel so blessed that Taylor got this job. I know there is not a job out there that he is better suited for.  The guys he works for are amazing and really value family.  They are going to fly me out to wherever he is every 3 months or so- all expenses paid. I can't believe we got so lucky.

So here we are.  The new and improved Spencers. Consider yourself updated.


  1. Whoo hoo! Can't wait until you visit us in San Fran! Your teeth look fantastic. We miss you guys and Hawaii :) keep blogging...

  2. Oh my goodness, Shauna! What a crazy month of January! I'm so glad that you survived! The results of your surgery are AMAZING!!! YOU look incredible! I want to see a full pic of your face sometime, k?:) Thanks for posting, I always love to hear what y'all are up to. Congrats on Taylor's job, new home, etc. etc. Love ya

  3. Good comments, Natalie! :) Shauna you did a great job with this blog Your family have so many blessings. Yeah!

  4. So glad you survived it all! You amazed me. Maybe it was the Hawaii trip. . .maybe if we had a really awesome trip before crazy times/changes in our life we'd get through them better???!!! Worth a try--ha! Anyway, we are so grateful for all the blessings you two have been given. love ya lots.

  5. I enjoyed reading the update. We love you guys and are so happy for you both!

  6. I am loving looking at the pics on your friends blog!

  7. This is awesome!! Sounds like life is serving you guys well! We miss you!!

  8. I'm SO jealous!:):):)Next time you go to Hawaii....Invite me:):););)